When AirTanker came to us for help with their website they were already working with a print-based design agency who had put together some concept designs. The first challenge to overcome was to realise these design concepts into a layout that would work as an interactive and responsive website design. Working closely with the design agency we advised on what would work and what needed review and developed a solution that satisfied all parties.

This required some bespoke functionality to be built into our CMS:42 to allow AirTanker admin to manage each of the layout blocks on the homepage and inner landing pages.

From conception to go-live took a long time with this client, there were various internal approval stages that were required. After the initial build there were several major revisions before the site was finally launched.

We’re always happy to work alongside other agencies to provide a solution that meets your needs, and as you can see the result is quite impressive, with the overall design complimented by the fabulous photography AirTanker were able to provide.

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