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Continental provide computers, forensic workstations and other IT support solutions to individuals, business, education and government. The company website was in need of a re-design to bring it up to date with modern trends in web design.

They run a private data centre in Gloucestershire providing co-location and managed hosting services. Their main focus area for computer hardware is the development of forensic workstations and server architecture. With clients such as BAE Systems, the Metropolitan Police and the NHS we wanted the website re-design to provide a clean and corporate aesthetic. This corporate design helps to convey a high level of service, knowledge and expertise.

We worked closely with the client to focus the company’s website intents & to target the users to the relevant content as quickly and easily as possible.

We kept the design intentionally minimalistic with a high-tech design, utilising the companies branding throughout the site.

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Continental Corporate responsive website design
Continental Corporate website on phone
Continental Corporate Tim working on hardware
Continental Corporate Computerised Beast
Continental Corporate Celebrate 29 years

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