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Continental Ltd is our parent company and they produce state of the art forensic computers, servers and storage systems. We produced an ecommerce website about eight years ago to sell monitors and components on-line and this is still running and doing very well. Have a look at

With the different aspects of Continental having their own website, it was high time we had a more generic corporate website sitting on the correct domain name.

The Continental website uses our CMS platform to deliver a fully responsive website. The system incorporates the blogs module as well as the testimonials and team profile modules.

The website was designed with branding and logo work that was done by our Cheltenham based team several years ago and it all still looks fresh and clean. The simple navigation and responsive nature of the website make a joy to use.

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Continental Corporate responsive website design
Continental Corporate website on phone
Continental Corporate Tim working on hardware
Continental Corporate Computerised Beast
Continental Corporate Celebrate 29 years

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