Hazlewoods 2019


Hazlewoods have been a long-time client of Webentism. When they first came to us they had a Flash based site which we replaced. We’ve redesigned and re-skinned their site several times over the years, but the most recent incarnation of the site was its biggest update yet.

When the marketing team at Hazlewoods came to us with a big ‘wish list’ of new features they would like we realised that our most up to date content management system already had everything in it that they wanted to do. Their previous site refresh was just a graphical ‘reskin’ of the front end. The underlying technology behind the scenes was still the original CMS and database.

This time round we designed and built a whole new website from the ground up, integrated with our very latest version of CMS:42. This enabled them to take advantage of all of the following features:

  • Testimonials
  • News & blogs
  • Team directory
  • Linked videos
  • Locations system
  • Event diary
  • File manager and
  • Captured form submissions

All bundled into a fresh full response design.

We continue to host the site in our Gloucester data centre.

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