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Tailor made or off the peg? This is the same when it comes to a software system that you might use to operate your business or part of your business. For sure there are plenty of software systems that you can purchase off the peg to manage your human resources requirements, for example, but I am sure that none of these will work exactly how you want to work. Getting to know a front end developer Get to know Ben Dowding, our Front End Developer here at Webnetism. Five benefits of a custom cms There are many off-the-shelf website content management systems that you could use for your business website. Some are very popular, free or you can even make a website yourself using a website builder CMS. So why should you choose a custom CMS? What is zero click searches and how does it affect SEO? A zero click search is when the answer is being displayed at the top of a search engine. The user does not have to click on the link to find the answer as it will already be displayed on the SERPS. Read more on how to effectively work on your SEO against zero click searches. Five top tips for hiring a web development company Choosing a web development company for your business isn’t easy. How should you choose which web developers to work with? Top five things to do after your website goes live When you launch your new website the work doesn't end there. No matter how great your new website is, if there is no traffic to the site, your business won't thrive. Read more below on how to promote your new website
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