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The pros and cons of stock icons Businesses often turn to stock images for their marketing, especially their website because: “it’ll do the job just fine” and “it’s (often) a lot cheaper than a photographer”. We’ve come to accept seeing photos of characterless well-dressed people in modern yet unremarkable offices using generic technology on corporate website. The impact of single page web applications on SEO As we’re starting to see a dramatic increase in the usage and implementation of single page applications, it leaves us with the question: “Well… How does this affect SEO?” We have launched our new website You may or may not know this, but the parent company of Webentism, Continental Ltd provides computer hardware to business. One of our outlets is a reseller website for Iiyama monitors www.iiyama-monitors.co.uk. Meet our new recruit, Pavilion! Get to know our latest recruit Pavilion Sahota, who joined the team as a Full Stack Developer. Why hashtags are important for your business Hashtags are great to use with social media as they help your post reach a wider audience and be discovered (if used correctly). There are some guidelines to follow to increase your social media traffic. SEO; Thin content explained You might have heard the expression: ‘content is king’. By this, we mean that you can’t just rank for any keywords without having unique and original content on your website. You might have come across the term ‘thin content’, but why does it matter for SEO?