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How to ferret proof your website I have four ferrets. In my house there is an arms race. I endlessly have to come up with ways of thwarting their latest antics and they are endless coming up with ways of overcoming my defences. Technical SEO, Why Do you Need it? The technical side of SEO is crucial, if there are any errors with this part of the process, then the results are not likely to perform as expected. What are the Benefits of Smart Shopping ads? Earlier this year, Google released their “Smart Shopping campaigns” for their Google Ads. There is already a standard shopping campaign within Google Ads and the difference is that Smart Shopping is using the latest machine learning technology to make processes a lot more automated. 6 Design Elements that can Help to Modernise your Website Webnetism have been in the process of developing and redesigning the Ultra Electronics website over the last year. Ultra Electronics is an internationally renowned defense and aerospace, security, transport and energy company. Password Security Presumably the website you're using has something behind it you don't want public? That might just be your name and address, but maybe it's your purchase history or financial details, maybe the account is linked to your credit card – I can't imagine anyone wants any of that information exploited. Passwords can be easy to crack, especially with a computer doing the "guessing", so it's important that you make it as difficult as possible for someone to get in to your account. Why keyword research is important for SEO One of the main goals for a website is to increase conversions, traffic to the website and ultimately make the sales hit the roof.