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30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web Internet and World Wide Web are often used interchangeably but refer to different things: the Internet is the mechanism that connects computers and allows them to share data, but the Web links information together and makes is accessible. Our Free PPC Audit includes Undertaking a PPC Audit is very useful to discover how your PPC campaigns can improve and what areas are not performing as expected. We offer a free PPC Audit service so get in touch today. Working at Webnetism I’m the “new boy” at Webnetism, having only worked here since January – but in all honesty, it doesn’t feel like. I already feel at home. How to appear on Featured Snippets A featured snippet is best described when Google choose to highlight content on top of the search engine results. These are selected search results and the text is shown within an “answer box”. The aim of the featured snippets is to answer what the user typed in to Google search. What is a webp? And how it can speed up your website The .webp file extension represents an image file, just like .png, .jpeg or .gif. This file extension is fairly new and was released by google in 2010. The .webp file format was designed to reduce image file size over standard jpeg while still maintaining the same quality. What is an SEO Optimised Website and why is it important? You have probably heard the term “SEO optimised” or “SEO friendly” at some point but what does this really mean? How can an SEO optimised website help your company grow?