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Disaster Recovery Cheltenham

Off site data storage for disaster recovery

Disaster recovery in IT infrastructure and data is the most important element in business continuity planning. Should you have a fire, flood, break-in or simply lose a server due to hardware failure, having an offsite disaster recovery solution in place may be the difference between losing or saving your business.

We can provide any amount of rack space you require from 1U right through to multiple server cabinets. Our pricing will be based on space, power consumption, bandwidth requirements and IP addresses required.

Our team will provide you will all the help you need in planning for your IT disaster recovery needs and we will help you set up and configure your systems to ensure a smooth restoration of service should the worst happen.

Planning for disaster recovery and putting additional hardware in place either as co-location or as managed servers is much like buying insurance; hopefully will never need it but you can sleep well knowing it’s in place.

Why Webnetism?

  • Dedicated 1/4, 1/2 or full racks available
  • Data centre with easy access from the M5
  • Lease lines with fast internet connections
  • Usable office space when needed
  • Technical support on hand 24x7
  • Pay for bandwidth and power on a monthly contract
  • Rack your own or rent servers
  • Secure room and storage
  • Workshop available for server repairs
  • Spare server hardware available
  • Virtual servers available at short notice
  • Desktop systems with remote access available to use