Website Development Cheltenham

Creating your website

Most web projects require a number of development languages and technologies to deliver a fully functioning website or web application. Typically, an ecommerce website is a marriage of front-end and server-side technologies (including databases), all working together to create a positive user experience for your online customers. Here at Webnetism we won't baffle you with technical lingo - what we will do is help you to establish what systems are needed for your website to meet your business requirements, and advise on the best and most cost-effective way to implement them.

Naturally, our approach to web development provides strong considerations for web accessibility and usability. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) provides guidelines and recommendations for web developers to create websites that are accessible to the widest possible audience. These recommendations include provisions for people with varying disabilities, people with cognitive limitations and deaf and blind internet users.

So we promised not to use any technical lingo, but for those of you who are interested you'll find all of the usual suspects in our web development studio - XHTML / HTML5, CSS & CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and SQL. All of our websites are developed on the .Net platform using C#. We believe this platform is unrivalled when creating and deploying sophisticated ecommerce solutions. That's why we've been using it since it was introduced by Microsoft in 2002. 

Our web development environment

  • All websites are developed off line in a secure development environment
  • A staging environment is used so you can view, test and sign off the work we do
  • All code goes through source control server giving us a secure and reliable working platform
  • Our solutions are based on the Microsoft .net platform
  • Our CMS and ecommerce solutions all use Microsoft SQL Server
  • We also build and manage WordPress, PHP and MySQL solutions
  • The development environment is backed up daily
  • Our Windows and Mac development network is secure  
  • As a team of developers we provide a wide range of knowledge  
  • All web projects have a dedicated developer with at least one backup developer
  • The development team and graphic designers share an open office providing easy communication
  • Our team provide, Windows, iOS and Android development too