Marketing & Promotions

Marketing & promotions

The email subscribers’ data is collected and stored in a database. At any time you can extract this data into Excel and use it in your other marketing material. You can also use our WYSIWYG editor to create an email campaign and send it to your subscribers and customers.

The promotions module is one of the best tools for increasing revenue on your website. There are so many ways of using promotions and our experience with our clients over the years shows how this tool can be used in combination with social media to drive sales and build a loyal customer base. Setting up a promotion takes just a few minutes and you can choose any of the following from a dropdown list. You can assign the number of instances a promotion can be used. You can even tie a promotion to an individual client or a set date range.


Available promotions

  • Buy 1, get 1 free
  • Buy x, get y free
  • Buy one item and get another at ½ price
  • Buy x items for £x
  • x% off order over £y
  • x% off specific items
  • 3 for 2, cheapest free
  • Free delivery
  • Free delivery over order value £x
  • £x off total order value
  • Spend £x and get item x or y for free
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