Product Database

An easy way to manage your products

Any ecommerce website should have a comprehensive product database. It should allow you to add an unlimited number of products and allocate them to all the categories you want. With our CMS you can easily assign the attributes and SEO data and add a few images or videos and you are all set to go. Automate the process with a data feed from your EPOS system or use the file import section to update the website from an Excel file.

The system allows you to provide pricing and unique stock numbers and locations for every variant of a product. For example you may be selling shirts that come in different colours and sizes. These are displayed in a grid layout with product code, RRP, sale price, cost price, stock allocation, stock location, weight and other relevant attributes. 

All products are allocated a stock location and a stock value. The ecommerce platform checks on the stock position several times during the checkout process to ensure low stock items are not sold out causing negative numbers and order fulfilment issues. The stock system allows you to "forward" sell stock that has not yet arrived and triggers basket notifications to users who try to buy more products than are available.

Product database attributes

  • Part number or code
  • Product title
  • Page title
  • Product URL (can be automated from title)
  • Meta title, description & key words
  • Short description
  • View on site (tick box)
  • Sell on site (tick box) 
  • Long description (WYSIWYG editor)
  • Size type
  • Vat type
  • Stock location
  • Pricing (cost, RRP & sell price)
  • Product images
  • Associated items
  • Product categories 

Customers, orders & order fulfilment.

The ecommerce platform comes with a sophisticated CRM and order fulfilment system. See a history of all orders and their status all tied neatly to your customer data. Print out picking lists and trigger emails to keep you customers informed.

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