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We are a very fortunate bunch here at Webnetism, that we have a team who have worked with a multitude of CMS’s and have brought all their expertise together to create our bespoke CMS – CMS:42, named after the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’s answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. And this is just it, our CMS combines all the amazing features that all other CMS’s have without all the gimmicks or annoyances, so essentially it is the answer to everything CMS related.

CMS:42 was designed and built from the ground up and allows the user to control and manage the content of a website efficiently. It’s an easy tool to use and grants access to the pages of a website to delete images, edit text and post material such as blogs or news articles. Our CMS has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing our clients to manage every aspect of their website – with little input from us, unless you want it!

With our custom-made CMS, website updates are rarely needed as only the critical apps are included within the program. New features can be added as we have a bank of modules you can add as your business evolves and we can even build custom made features that we have not even thought of.

CMS pages

CMS pages

The pages section helps the user to create and organise content on the website. Pages are one of the fundamental features of any CMS and the page control in CMS:42 is really rich in features, but remains simple to use.

Case studies

Case studies

The case studies or portfolio database within our CMS allows users to feature work on any page of the website. Simply create all the portfolio items and then feature them where you want with a click of the mouse.

News and blogs

News & blogs

The news and blogs module is a great way to keep your website looking fresh and up to date. There’s nothing more frustrating for anyone when you can tell a website hasn’t been touched since 1999. Another plus point of this module is that it helps with SEO too.

Team profiles

Team profiles

Having a great team is a business’ greatest asset, so why not make a website more personable by showing these amazing people off. Users can create a profile for each staff member giving some personality to the website and the brand with everyone’s quirky photos and bios, then why not feature these people on specific pages within the website?

Content SEO

Content SEO

Our CMS has been built with a simple SEO tool that will help a website climb up the ladder in search engines. A good page position in the natural search listing is only possible by maintaining a close eye on the changes made by the search engines and writing rich, quality content that engages readers.

Users and groups security

Users & groups security

Securing access to any CMS is vital; not only does the CMS show off your brand to a global marketplace but it can also contain a great deal of secure data. Our permissions system gives users security and peace of mind that the right people with access to the CMS are only accessing what they need to.

Multi-site platform


If you are a business who has a need for multiple language or regional websites, then CMS:42 is the perfect tool. Our CMS allows control multiple websites, each with their own pages from one login. The Multi-site CMS system lets you share assets between multiple sites while allowing you to write unique content for each site and page.

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Whether you want to upgrade your existing CMS or add a new solution to your existing website, CMS:42 can help you become more self-sufficient.

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