CMS Pages

Creating rich content

Pages are one of the fundamental features of any CMS and the page control in CMS42 is really rich in features but remains simple to use. The pages section helps you to create and organise content on your website. 

The CMS allows you to create pages and structure pages in any way required, producing both user and SEO friendly content. The URL for pages can be customised to displays logically for your users and for search engines. You can set all the SEO attributes such as Titles and descriptions, as well as alt tags and descriptions on your images.

Pages can be grouped together in to categories enabling structured content as well as helping you maintain your site as a whole. Pages are versioned and old versions of a page can be restored should you need access to historic content.

Website pages in your control

  • Page name or title
  • Short description (for featuring)
  • Friendly URL
  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • Publish date and status
  • Internal search words
  • Version control
  • Display in menu and menu order
  • Add videos
  • Add images
  • Insert documents
  • Edit text styles
  • Set heading tags
  • Insert links
  • Page content with WYSIWYG
  • Multiple content areas
  • Featured news & media galleries
  • Featured case studies and staff
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