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Rich search engine friendly content

There have been a succession of updates from Google to drive forward on the principal of honest search engine results. 

Keyword stuffing and false landing pages, legitimate or not, are penalised as opposed to promoted. These changes in the search algorithms set back many websites and promote others. Often these changes are beneficial for the end user but come at a cost to companies that were indexed in high positions.

A good page position in the natural search listing is only possible by maintaining a close eye on the changes made by the search engines and adapting and moving to work within the changes.

The answer is to provide well written, honest content; what your business does, how it operates and how it portrays itself on-line.

There are hundreds of elements a search engine will investigate. This starts with the copy on the page but will also include social signals too. 

Our CMS and ecommerce platform come with all the standard SEO functions of Meta data and social interaction but what you need to do is much broader than this. You need updated, honest and rich content that is of interest to your visitors. 

We work closely with partner companies to ensure we keep you ahead of the trends and can introduce you to some very strong SEO consultants to help you along the way.

CMS tools built for SEO

  • Built to be SEO friendly
  • Add page Meta titles
  • Manage SEO friendly URL structures
  • Add page Meta descriptions
  • Add Meta key words
  • Use built in heading structures (H1, H2 etc.)
  • Creates a dynamic site map
  • Creates a dynamic XML sitemap
  • Easily add Google analytics code
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