Multi-site Platform

A CMS that controls multiple websites

Our CMS can handle multiple sites that need to contain unique and/or shared content, whether this be for a large company with a lot of corporate websites, or for a group that need to be able to update multiple sites through the same system. 

From within the CMS we can set-up multiple sites, each with their own pages and home page control. The Multi-site system lets you share assets between multiple sites, removing the need to duplicate content amongst several sites.

User accounts can be used in conjunction with this system to restrict or allow access to specific sites in your multi-site configuration.

The multi-site CMS is perfect for companies wanting to display different content in different languages and within the ecommerce system you can sell through different front end shops from one product database and order fulfilment system.

Multi-site CMS

  • Used for multiple languages
  • Create multiple micro-sites
  • Quick and inexpensive to launch new sites
  • Used for multiple shop fronts
  • Deploy new sites within a day
  • Share media assets amongst sites
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