Users & Groups Security

CMS administration rights

CMS:42 can manage hundreds of content contributors (users of the system) and limit access to areas of the CMS as required. You can create a hierarchy of users each with their own set of roles and permissions within the Content Management System. You can grant or restrict access to any aspect of CMS:42 as required.

Content created and modified by a user is logged so you always know who updated what, and when. CMS:42 even caters for small companies that don’t need multiple users. Our System will run with one or more shared accounts that can be accessed by any user on any web browser – given the correct credentials!

CMS user control

  • No licencing required
  • Create as many roles as you need
  • Create as many users as you wish
  • Assign roles to users
  • login with secure passwords
  • Uses CAPCHA for added security
  • Administrators can manage users and roles
  • Creates an audit trail
  • Optional SSL certificate
  • Can be locked to IP addresses 
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