In the fast paced industry we work the requirements of our clients are always changing, often this is a result on the technologies that are becoming available to the end users. 

7 or 8 years ago when Android and iOS were first released; all of a sudden apps were a must have for any company. Everyone wanted apps and everyone was downloading apps, even though they usually offered little or no real benefit to the user. 

Mobile websites existed; mobile phones and those that could browse the web or access apps were far from anything new. But a lot of them were still fairly restrictive and not as popular as they are today.

This article doesn’t address the importance of mobile apps as a whole (there’s no doubt in our minds that Games are undoubtedly popular on mobile devices).

What were apps being used for?

Within the first couple of years of release of these popular platforms apps were becoming more and more relevant and offering some real benefits to the users. Users were no longer finding apps from their favourite companies offering little more than a novel way to view their website, companies were providing real functionality, targeted marketing and much more user friendly ways for customers to access their products or services.

What are they being used for now?

The social connectivity within apps has grown phenomenally over the last few years and Apps have continued to evolve in much the same way. Newer technologies available on devices are being incorporated in to app design providing new and exciting functionality to the end users. More or less all apps out there allow you to share your experience through social media seamlessly integrated with the operating system.

So are mobile apps still important? What could I be using them for?

However, I do see apps becoming much less important for ecommerce websites simply wishing to offer a more tuned experience for their mobile users. In many cases responsive design is playing a much bigger hand in making the web more accessible for mobile users, even those using older smaller screen devices.

On the other hand apps that provide real functionality and those that work as a mobile tool utilising the devices technologies are still a very relevant thing. 

Having a mobile device on your person now, be it mobile or tablet, is more than just being contactable and can provide you quick and convenient way to access CAD tools, shared resources, etc…

Webnetism continue to develop innovative apps for clients providing tools for both home and business use that have helped improve productivity and allow the clients we work for to offer new products and services.

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