You might think the design layout and copy on your website is perfect. You might even test some changes from time to time (see my recent post on A/B testing).

But are you able to see how your website’s visitors interact with the site at scale?

Do you know what your customers are doing and why?

Well now you can...

You integrate a service into your site (a basic solution is often free) and from this you’re given an abundance of features, such as viewing where website traffic has come from, page bounce rate, device usage, search terms, behaviour flows and conversions. The largest of these services by far is Google Analytics and most of us are very familiar with analytics, but there are other more sophisticated paid for services out there. 

Why are they doing it?

Customer interaction

Great, you know a little bit about who your visitors are and what pages they visit from Google Analytics, but do you actually know how and why your visitors are interacting with your website?

The ultimate solution would be some sort of screen recording, but surely that would be impossible?

Well actually no. It’s now possible to record the interactions between visitors and your site and see everything they do. You can see the movement of their mouse, where they scroll, click and type and of course this works across mobile devices as well.

It’s also handy when that tricky customer rings and can’t get part of your site to work; now you can see what the issue might be.



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