In the next five years, mobile sales are estimated to increase by 400%. In the USA alone, mobile sales are set to reach $31bn by 2016.

In the next five years, mobile sales are estimated to increase by 400%. In the USA alone, mobile sales are set to reach $31bn by 2016.

Browsing through websites on a mobile phone is a totally different experience to browsing using a computer or laptop. Besides the obvious differences such as screen size and speed, the biggest difference is the interface. The touchscreen of a mobile device makes for a more intimate and tactile experience for the user. Visitors are physically touching your product images which provide a more human interaction.

“But we still prefer to shop using a desktop computer”

The majority share of all online sales are still completed using desktop computers and laptops, and that trend is set to continue for a long time. Mobile purchasing will not take over computer and laptop sales completely.

Currently the trend is for people to browse from their mobile device but then complete the purchase on a desktop computer. There are a couple of reasons that people are reluctant to complete purchases on a mobile phone at the moment (though this will change):

1 Confidence in security
Many people have only recently become used to providing their credit card details through a website – something which even 10 years ago most people would never dream of doing!

Once people become used to providing their details on mobile devices then we will see a surge in mobile commerce which will open the floodgates to mobile commerce.

2 Convoluted buying processes
Completing a purchase from a website using a mobile device is sometimes not an easy process especially if the website has not been designed to be viewed on a smaller screen.

Purchasing is all set to become much easier once 1-Click buying becomes mainstream. All of the banks and major players such as Apple, Amazon & Google are already heavily integrating 1-Click buying using mobiles, cards and even watches.

Making purchases on a mobile will soon be commonplace, and will eventually replace your wallet. You will also be able to use it to pay for goods and services in high street shops.

What about iPads & tablets?

Tablet devices are a cross between desktop computers and mobile phones. The sale of tablets (and especially iPads) has been exponential across all age groups.

Web browsing using a tablet is changing rapidly as more and more people use them exclusively for browsing, and increasingly making purchases on online stores. It is more convenient to use a tablet as it is instantly on, connected and portable.

As purchasing online becomes even simpler and faster, tablet commerce is going to increase rapidly, so you need to ensure that your website is optimised for all sizes of tablet devices.

Our advice is to start early and ensure that your next website redesign is desktop, tablet & mobile friendly. Mobile commerce is here to stay.

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