Webnetism launch the all new Iguana Security website, designed, developed and hosted by our Cheltenham website design and development team.

The new Iguana Security website has been redesigned to fit the L3-TRL corporate family brand. The three websites we have built for TRL all use the same multi-site CMS platform. All three websites use responsive website design and work perfectly on mobile devices and tablets. Cross browser and platform testing means that the largest possible audience can view these websites without any drawbacks.

The CMS features provide a wealth of control over three websites providing website administrators with control over pages, video libraries, image libraries, document libraries and website published news, blogs and events. There is no limit to the number of pages that can be added by our CMS and it’s the most user friendly CMS on the market, according to our clients.

The suite of three websites are hosted on dedicated servers in our Gloucestershire data centre.

A fourth website is due to go live during next month, again using the multi-site CMS and similar responsive design, so watch this space for news on that!

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