Simple is elegant.

I’m going to keep this one short(ish), because it’s truly a very simple matter to make your website aesthetically pleasing and functional.

We’re at time where efficiency, time-management and simplicity is at its peak. We want results, we want it fast and we want it now! People are finally choosing to identify the difference between essential and nonessential aspects of everyday life. That’s where this fella comes in place; “minimalism”, modern design aesthetics that took over the world in pretty much every aspect, from art to cars, from video games to furniture, from food to web design. Just as a good healthy dinner plate matters to me, a good simple design should matter to you!

We know that simple websites work.



The recipe to success is really simple, here are the ingredients:



  • Clearly define your site needs and purpose early on, as this will help your design stay on track.
  • Draw a white line between the essential and not so much aspects of your website. Ask yourself… is it really needed? Won’t it be distracting from my site’s purpose?
  • Keep your content unique, be honest and don’t even try to miss-lead your users, because that’s just pure evil!
  • Talk to us, because we’re the experts (this option is voluntary).  

Elegant Webnetism Website on iMac


Why simple websites work?



Minimalism - the new old term for simplicity.


Aesthetically pleasing art form that allows new & fresh ideas to soak deeply into your soul. Perhaps that was an overly complicated explanation… Imagine an old car, build in late 60’s. It had an engine, shell to keep you safe and its only purpose was to get you from point A to point B, simple! These days, people are looking for the same simplicity in their websites. People don’t want to come to a site where they are going to be disoriented, not having a slight idea what they are doing there… or how they even got there. What people want is focus. Presenting information in their simplest form is the key, strip all unnecessary distractions and keep it dead simple, so that people can find exactly what they want. 


Realisation – there’s more to life than just a possessions.


Don’t be driven by sales 24/7. Stop being the old school, grumpy advertiser that tries to tell everyone that their next purchase will bring them satisfaction. People are beginning to see through the falsehood, and tend to stay away from it. As a result people tend to look for their happiness elsewhere through relationships, community, and significance. Start designing websites that are intuitive, storytelling and character driven, not the other way around!


Speed – time means more than just money.


Simple websites are easy to understand for a reason. The information is focused, making it more accessible for the user as they are more likely to find exactly what they are looking for. Meaning that they can potentially find the product more effectively and check-out from your ecommerce website much faster, than they usually would do on a traditional ecommerce website.

Minimalistic websites are usually much faster in terms of loading speeds too. Yes, that’s debatable due to use of full-screen imagery but overall the performance definitely noticeable. The front end of a minimalistic website is focused, meaning that only the really necessary information beneficial to the user is going to show on their screen. This makes the website much smaller in terms of download size, which means less server processing is required. All of this has a positive result on your website loading times.




Minimalism can be really surprising, just like your wife when she tells you that she’s pregnant… but that’s not the point. Minimalism is super powerful, it can be put in use in any department and it delivers fantastic results! No wonder so many people started following this innovative trend. After all… who doesn’t like to keep their life simple? Right!

Lukas - peace out!


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