Hi I'm Tim,
Creative Director

As Creative Director it’s my role to ensure the design concepts we produce fit the requirements of our clients and meet or exceed their expectations. Listening to clients to understand their message, review their target audience and putting together a solution that delivers that message in the most appropriate way.

Role in Webnetism

My job title is Creative Director, which basically means I’m a designer who is getting too old to just sit there banging out web design after web design, so now I do other stuff too. I'm really interested in the user journey and building great user experiences so spend time listening to our clients to make sure their ideas make it to the web in a way that gives 'their' clients the benefit of my years of knowledge.

Specialty and Experience

My background is in graphic design and illustration for publishing; this led on to magazine and book design and progressed into web design in the late 90’s. I left Quick and Easy Cross Stich magazine to work in London designing websites for the music and TV industry, basically hangin’ out with Ant & Dec and other celebs all day…. I’ll tell you some stories if you like. I joined Webnetism as Senior Designer in 2011 so in one form or another I’ve worked in the creative industry for over 20 years. I love to get my teeth into a new project, especially if it includes a bit of logo design and brand identity.

What I like to get up to in my spare time

I seem to have reached that ‘mid-life crisis age’ so I’m currently enjoying reliving my youth, playing with the kinds of motorbikes and cars I had back in the day. I take great pride in showing off my 1980’s Golf GTI and you can often find me tinkering in the Webnetism car park at lunchtime. Getting it into the Webnetism car park has often proved challenging though and on more than one occasion that’s been achieved with a tow from Simon; thankfully he’s a great boss!

When I’m not up to my elbows in grease and oil I love nothing more than sitting on the sofa getting stuck into a good film. Then at the weekends I like to take the family camping, which by sheer coincidence, often happens to be in or around some classic car show or another.

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