Hi I'm Paul,
Senior Boffin

I'm the senior geek around here. I build and support most of our servers and ensure our data centre is up and running 24x7. I'm a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

What does your typical day at Webnetism involve?

I maintain the infrastructure running our hosting environment, taking care of our mail servers, routers, switches and client VPNs. I do loads of really high tech stuff and bamboozle the rest of the team with useless three letter abbreviations (TLA's), charts and graphs.

Your favourite website?

I love them all because without websites I wouldn't have the array of dedicated web servers to run!

Favourite football team?

What's football?

Other than setting up and support web hosting, what do you do?

I take care of all our servers ensuring all the websites are responsive, fast and error free. I also manage all the mail and DNS servers. Our hosting facilities have DR locations too, so I have to ensure everything is working across multiple data centres 24x7.

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