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Hi I'm Simon,
Non-executive Director

I first joined the business as Technical Director in 1988 before becoming Managing Director in 1996. Since 2018 I've been a Non-executive director.

Nowadays I like to view the business from an outsiders perspective to give guidance as well as occasionally meeting with some of my favourite clients!

Role in Webnetism

As a Non-executive director, I'm no longer in the office each day, but enjoy sharing my experience with the team as well as occassionaly meeting with clients.

Specialty and Experience

I graduated from Pepperdine University with an MBA in 1987 and joined Continental in October of 1988 as Technical Director. In 2001 I became managing director and started Webnetism, which I grew into the business it is today. I'm now a Non-executive director of the business, where I view the business from an outsiders perspective to give guidance as well as occasionally meeting with some of my favorite clients!

What I like to get up to in my spare time

My spare time is filled with family events (I have three grown up children), sailing in the summer months and skiing in the winter. I love cycling to keep fit but my body shows I enjoy good food and having fun with friends even more.

Recent Blogs by Simon

Webnetism at Apprenticeship Evening

On the 28th March we'll be at the Gloucestershire College Apprenticeship Open Evening. If you're in the tech industry, come and say hello!

Product personalisation on ecommerce websites

Product personalisation software can be expensive and challenging to use so what are the options, costs and benefits of each system?

Do you know how your customers interact with your website?

Are you able to see how your website’s visitors interact with the site at scale? Do you know what your customers are doing and why? Well now you can.


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Of course you do! Well then, go ahead and press the big Webnetism orange button below, to get in touch with us. Expect nothing else than instant & professional response from one of us!

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